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1 -inflation to the single digit level; Privatization program shall be accelerated in order to
2-What they saw was first a pair of leather boots extending the vehicle??s open door, next a walking stick a silver knob
a-causing rabies may become established in the central nervous system and finally attack the brain.
b-perpetual pursuit of things once imagined has resulted in the construction of twenty-seven schools, two hospitals, medical clinics, bridges, fresh water pipelines.
c-in spite of the fact that some obvious facts would lead to possible disasters
d-because of the objections made to the contribution of the association
e-that??s why the severe weather conditions caused the suspension of the games
f-an approach where medication is coordinated with biological rhythms
g-for those with evening pain you should take your meds at noon
3-since people are eating too much and exercising too little
4-since the workers may not be employed in the public sector once they quit
5-) the government must comply with tight budgetary targets also he told me to stop complaining and mind my business
6-but I was only trying to be helpful and I was shocked
7-find meteorites very interesting, because meteorites provide them with an excellent opportunity to study materials from outer space.
8-people tend to have a different approach to those they consider their equals from that which they assume with people they consider higher or lower than themselves in the social scale.
9-Nowadays it is understood that a diet which contains nothing harmful may yet result in serious disease if certain important elements are missing.
10-The need for a surgical operation, especially an emergency operation, almost always comes as a severe shock to the patient and his family
11-Although I??m married and I have children, I??m accustomed to going to a sports club.
12-Being married and having children is not an obstacle to belonging to a sports club.
13-What makes active methods more difficult than traditional methods is that they cannot be easily applied in the classroom.
14-The main drawback of applying active methods in the classroom is the difficulty of comparing them with traditional methods.
15-In comparing active methods with traditional methods, one should be aware of the fact that they are difficult to apply in the classroom.
16-The primary difficulty with use of active methods in the classroom is the lack of a comparison with traditional methods.
17-A major obstacle to widespread adoption of active methods in the classroom is their difficulty in comparison to traditional methods.
18-objects used in the performance tests should be familiar to subjects
19-individual assessment of intelligence is in fact relatively determined
20-. On the other hand, smoking is the number one cause of cancer death in men. Male smokers over the age of 35 are more likely to die from smoking related diseases like lung cancer. A large number of children have started smoking before they reach the age of high schoo
21-are the number one cause of starting smoking cigarette at an early age
22-will probably die of cigarette related illnesses unless they give up doing that
23-They are sometimes referred to as "bicycling monarchies" as they have been known to prefer more modest forms of transport
24-represents the head of the state and is a good source of income for the country
25-should modernise and act more modestly to adapt to the changing
A: Unemployment insurance provides workers, whose jobs have been terminated through no fault of their own, monetary payments for a given period of time or until they find a new job. Unemployment payments (compensation) are intended to provide an unemployed worker
B: time to find a new job equivalent to the one lost without financial distress. Without employment compensation, many workers would be forced to take jobs for which they were overqualified or end up on welfare. Unemployment compensation is also justified in for sustaining consumer spending during periods of economic adjustment.
C: aims to provide enough time for a worker to find a job through which he can earn as much as the former job
a: is based on a useful schedule in the European countries, however, it is not valid for developing countries
b: is planned to be abolished on account of its harmful effects on the society
c: should not have been taken under control during periods of economic depression
d: how developing countries overcome a possible economic depression

1- advanced electronics has great importance in providing prosthetic arms
2- the burns on his body recovered and he got many hand skills again
3- an invasion can bring into view both advantages and disadvantages
4- the explosion was such a great turning point that even his environment changed
5- nowadays advanced electronics are being used to save people from the disabilities
6- men can confront with some difficulties, but life is going on
7- There are two main things that make aircraft engineering difficult: the need to make every component as reliable as possible and the need to build everything as light as possible
8- The fact that an aeroplane is up in the air and cannot stop if anything goes wrong, makes it perhaps a matter of life or death that its performance is absolutely dependable
9- Given a certain power of engine, and consequently a certain fuel consumption, there is practical limit to the total weight of aircraft that can be made to fly. Out of that weight as much as possible is wanted for fuel, radio navigational instruments
11- So the structure of the aircraft has to be as small and light as safety and efficiency will allow
13- The designer must calculate the normal load that each part will bear
14- He takes account of unusual stress that may be put on the part as a
precaution against errors in manufacture